Glass Table Tops Nj

glass table tops nj

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The eye of the Beholder

The eye of the Beholder

Here's an example of what you can photograph with the simplest objects. The 3D glass Ornament was just that, by itself a $1.29 purchase from a local Dollar Store. For some dramatic lighting all I did was put a small Flashlight on top of the ornament. I put the two items on the kitchen Counter-Top, propped up the camera on a roll of towel and shot this from across the kitchen dining table (camera flash or tripod was not used). The blue lights are from the flashlight as well as a nightlight. The Red/Magenta Hue is emanating from the cordless phone standby lights!. Colors are vivid coz it's an HDR. The writing on the wall and the hearts are through Photoshop. (The 'LOVE' that you see inside the glass is part of the 3D hologram that came with the ornament) Minor sharpening and tone curve adjustments.

Today's Minidig

Today's Minidig

Not too much to show for today's woods outing. Coke bottle has a slight chip at the top. It's a Bridgeton NJ bottle as are most of them I dig up.

The blue bottle has a plastic screw-on top which preserved some of the icky looking white stuff inside.

glass table tops nj

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